部落新世纪 Techno-Tribal New Age

Techno-Tribal 部落
Techno-Tribal是Ethnic Fusion的独特变种。尤其多见在一些激进的电子原音音乐家的作品中,他们将人类最原始的音乐表达和当今的技术手段(尤其是电子音乐技术)进行创造性的融合,具体来说就是将非洲、澳洲以及南北美洲的部落音乐节奏用高超的电子音乐重新演绎。创作这种音乐需要极高的技艺和对音乐的感知,如果音乐家能够成功地将以上两者结合在一起,则结果将是一部非常出色的作品,而反之,则将成为此音乐赖之以存的那些文化的拙劣模仿。
A more specific variation on the ethnic fusion theme, Techno-Tribal music is becoming more prominent among progressive electro-acoustic artists who are fascinated by the idea of combining man's most primeval musical expressions with his most technologically advanced inventions. Tribal rhythms and instruments from the aboriginal cultures of Africa, Australia, and North & South America are mixed with sophisticated electronics. Though successful efforts are immensely powerful, it takes great skill and sensitivity to keep the music from sounding like cheap parodies of the cultures from which these artists are borrowing. -- Linda Kohanov

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