放松新世纪 Relaxation New Age

冥想放松(可以看作是一种高级的打盹方式)。在New Age风行的今日,冥想成为New Agers实践的一种重要方式,同时也产生了配合这种方式的音乐。在New Age音乐中就有很多的音乐就是专门为冥想活动而做的(有时是不太适合当音乐来听的)。这种音乐一般没有明显的节奏,音乐上表现地平滑、流畅,使听者能够放松身心,有时音乐家们也会借助一些自然的声效来加强意境的渲染。
Arguably, all music can be said to be useful for Meditation. The styles, cadences, arpeggiations, and rhythms of meditational music for contemplative practices is characteristically different than most other forms of music. Generally speaking, the music is relaxing, lacking definitive rhythms. Meditation and music have been relational partners for centuries. Mellow, repetitive, and redundant sequences of smoothly contoured melodic lines help to relax the mind as arrhythmic tempos do not distract the listener into a beat but rather a flow. Harmonies are often absent unless one accepts the musical nuance of imitation as structured harmony. Meditation music can also include recordings of sounds in the "natural" world: rainfall, waterfalls, birds, insects, whales, and others, separately and in synthetic combination. -- Keith Johnson

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