演出金曲 Show Tunes

Show Tunes是从音乐戏剧和电影精选出的曲目。这些歌曲通常由专业的词曲作者创作,并且由演绎传统曲调的演员或歌手演唱。百老汇音乐剧产生出大量不同的歌曲,前奏曲、间奏曲、后奏曲、主题曲。任何一首出自百老汇的歌曲都可以被认为是Show Tunes. are the songs that have been featured in musical plays and films. The songs are usually written by professional songwriters, and are sung by the original cast or by vocalists that interpret show tunes and traditional pop. Broadway musicals generate a number of different songs, preludes, interludes, postludes, and theme songs. Any musical song from a Broadway musical can be considered a show tune, specifically in reference to the memorable melody. Most of Cole Porter's songs were show tunes. Andrew Llloyd Weber's generation of hit songs are all show tunes, including songs from The Phantom of the Opera, like "Music of the Night" and "All I Ask of You."

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