弗拉明戈流行 Flamenco Pop

Originally developed in the mid 1960s, incorporated palos flamencos (Flamenco subgenres) and Copla into the format of feisty and lively Pop music (particularly, Yé-Yé). It was strongly influenced by Rumba Flamenca, but Flamenco Pop isn't a palo flamenco, and is considered 'pop aflamencado', pop with some flamenco overtones, such as the singing style and rhythms. 
Since the late 1990s the new acts of Flamenco Pop are commonly referred as 'Flamenkito', a style where ballads and mid-tempos are frequent too, and it has more contemporary influences such as Dance-Pop or even Reggaeton. It is dismissed by critics by its superficial and clichéd 'light' flamenco elements. Nonetheless, it has become very popular amongst a young audience that in most cases isn't interested in more pure forms of flamenco music. Some of the most popular Flamenco Pop artists in the 1960s/1970s were Encarnita Polo and Rosa Morena. In the 1990s Azúcar Moreno was the most succesful band. More recently, Los Rebujitos, La Húngara, Fondo Flamenco and El Barrio have had great success in the 'Flamenkito' style.

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