乡村布鲁斯 Country Blues

是一种起源于美国南方和中西部的大部分由原声吉它演奏的蓝调。乡村蓝调利用了从早期的滑音吉它到指拨演奏的独奏、二重奏和弦乐合奏。先锋者 Skip James, Brownie McGhee, Lead Belly 和 Lightnin' Hopkins 创导了这种现已不存在的风格。以后的电子吉它使之平稳地转变成电子和现代的乡村蓝调。

Country Blues is a catch-all term that delineates the depth and breadth of the first flowering of guitar-driven blues, embracing both solo, duo, and string band performers. The term also provides a convenient general heading for all the multiple regional styles and variations (Piedmont, Atlanta, Memphis, Texas, acoustic Chicago, Delta, ragtime, folk, songster, etc.) of the form. It is primarily -- but not exclusively -- a genre filled with acoustic guitarists, embracing a multiplicity of techniques from elaborate fingerpicking to the early roots of slide playing. But some country-blues performers like Lightnin' Hopkins and John Lee Hooker later switched over to electric guitars without having to drastically change or alter their styles.

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