三角洲布鲁斯 Delta Blues

三角洲布鲁斯(Delta Blues)是布鲁斯音乐最早出现的风格之一。 它发源于密西西比三角洲,一片有着肥沃土地,但同时却很贫穷的区域。在Delta Blues中,最明显的特征是滑棒吉他(Slide Guitar)的使用。同时,口琴和雪茄盒吉他(Cigar Box Guitar)也是常常被使用的乐器。演唱的风格从自省到深情到热烈再到激昂都有。Delta Blues也被认为是乡村布鲁斯(Country Blues)的一个区域性演变。和其他早期的布鲁斯音乐一样,它的歌词主要是普通百姓对当时生活环境(如监狱、农场、工厂等)和状况的倾诉。

一些学者认为Delta Blues在音乐性、在本质上和其他地区的布鲁斯没有太多差别。但是它也有着一些特别的演奏和编曲方式,比如单调低沉的E弦、 平衡的三弦、节奏中的平滑音和圆滑音,对节奏感的强调。滑棒吉他是它的重要特征,而口琴则在其他布鲁斯风格中也很普遍。相对于音乐性,Delta Blues发源地的独特地域性(密西西比是Blues的发源地之一)则更加被人津津乐道。


The Delta Blues style comes from a region in the southern part of Mississippi, a place romantically referred to as "the land where the blues were born." In its earliest form, the style became the first black guitar-dominated music to make it onto phonograph records back in the late '20s. Although many original Delta blues performers worked in a string-band context for live appearances, very few of them recorded in this manner. Consequently, the recordings from the late '20s through mid-'30s consist primarily of performers working in a solo, self-accompanied context. The form is dominated by fiery slide guitar and passionate vocalizing, with the deepest of feelings being applied directly to the music. Its lyrics are passionate as well, and in some instances remain the highest flowering of blues songwriting as stark poetry. The form continues to the present time with new performers working in the older solo artist traditions and style.(By Allmusic)

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