民谣布鲁斯 Folk Blues

民谣蓝调可追溯至 19 与 20 世纪交界的小酒吧音乐和晚间小庆典的原声风格。它产生于南方从德克萨斯到三角洲的影响,被许多人认为是美国最原创的音乐。尽管早期美国蓝调也同样的深入大众,但真正把人们带入小酒吧间跳舞的是民谣蓝调。是 Lead Belly 和其后的 Sony Terry 和 Brownie McGhee 将民谣蓝调的风格延传下来,而 90 年代的吉它手 Ben Harper 成功地再现了这一风格而又没被认作为复古分子。中国歌曲中的《成都印象》就属于这类风格。Folk-Blues describes a type of blues usually played on non-electric musical instruments. It embraces a wide range of guitar and musical styles that thrived in the early days of the music style's gestation. But folk-blues is not limited to merely guitar music; its "folk" appellation is an elastic enough term to also include down-home, no-frills music played on mandolin, banjo, harmonica, and other non-electric instruments, with its group sound being projected through the jug bands. Folk-blues evokes the sound and image of a rough-hewn, somewhat informal music, a sound and style born of southern plantations, house frolics, and juke joints; it is true folk music, played by and for the people. The term also provides a convenient general heading for all the multiple regional styles and variations (Piedmont, Atlanta, Memphis, Texas, Delta, ragtime, songster, etc.) embraced by the form.

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