后硬核 Post-Hardcore

后硬核(Post-hardcore)是一个发展自硬核朋克(Hardcore punk)的音乐类型,也是广泛的朋克摇滚运动中的一个分支,就如后朋克(Post-Punk)。许多后硬核的乐团都是来自硬核朋克乐坛,或是受到硬核音乐的启发,但这些乐团更关注于表达内心深处。
随着一些来自美国中西部的乐团发行了他们的作品,这个类型逐渐形成于1980年代的中晚期,特别是来自华盛顿特区的乐团Fugazi,以及一些声音些微独特的乐团,像是Big Black和Jawbox,他们更接近起源自噪音摇滚的后硬核。

Post-hardcore is a genre of music that is derived from and has origins in the hardcore punk music genre, itself an offshoot of the broader punk rock movement. Like post-punk, post-hardcore is a term for a broad constellation of groups. Many emerged from the hardcore punk scene, or took inspiration from hardcore, while concerning themselves with a wider degree of expression.
The genre took shape in the mid-to-late-1980s with releases from bands from cities that had established hardcore punk scenes, in particular from the scenes in Washington, D.C. such as Fugazi as well as slightly different sounding groups such as Big Black and Jawbox that stuck closer to the noise rock roots of post-hardcore. The style became commercially prominent in the first decade of the 21st century.

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