洗心革面 (featuring Rhymefest)

《洗心革面 (featuring Rhymefest)》歌词:
方珈悠 - 洗心革面 (featuring rhymefest)
曲:陈奂仁 词:黄凯琪
uh jaime... invisble man...i'd thank back again
look,look why ya tryin' to change me baby
some thanks are just meant to be the way they are
some men are just meant to ride the ride they ride
and i'm one of those men
如欲接近 击倒众人 沉着气来 听听指引
诚实孝顺 担当责任 为善最乐 乐得清心
游历旅行 增广见闻 除掉恶习 早起早训
皮具钻石 一一送赠 承受责备 不可不忿
多苦心 从来是你大意任性又粗鄙跟花心
不敢 如此为我有突变 才能赠我信心
若要过电要考验 威胁你去洗心革面
别意气尽你本领 凡事照做 不需答辩
若要约会见一面 不要放松仿佛从前
让我鉴定你表现 取得满分先不被讨厌
勤力向上 趾高气扬 平日要学 书画歌唱
圆滑友善 懂得礼让 行事配合 现今思想
崇尚爱情 专一至上 年月储备 供给保障
条例过量 恳请见谅 如未接受 不想牵强
uh...look told you i'd console you.
you ain't a robot so i can't control you.
i ain't a robot so you can't control me
oh yeah iused to cheat but girls that was the old me.
this is the new me.
yeah i can't lie you see through me.
truly she's looking forward.
she going through my phone. she snoopin'
girl i ain't a dog.i ain't fun with groupies
what about your invisible friend?
what about your invisible man
what about all that time you spend?
are you talking to him or talking to you ex again?
how long can we really keep this up?
how long can it last the way i'll trust?
don't throw it all the way over one time.
come home girl, you're my sunshine
wow! silly rabbit!
come back i'm gonna change my ways.
look i don't wanna lie
from what you've been sayxing to me baby.
and i thank it's time that i'll just do what you tell me to do.
i'll just move how you want me to move.
you know what i meam?
see that's the kinda man i wanna be.
i'm gonna let you lead the family alright for sure.
kich it to the low...i say we kich it to the low


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