Pure Mania

《Pure Mania》歌词:
You're the psychotic daughter of a psychotic mother
Your father was a megalomaniac
You've got an Insane brother
Your nurse committed suicide
When you tore her off strip
You carry a shooter to parties 'cos you think it's hip
But it's a pure mania
It stopped being a game
When you found it would take you
To the asylum again
Well your uncle was a rich man
But he also was a thief
His sister was a dyke thing who went out with girls to get
You come on with your "how do you do?"
Honey I need a drink before I can look at you
Well your grandmother was into homicide just for kicks
And your grandfather put people's eyes out with a pointed
Your whole family seems to be round the bend
If I got hitched up with you it'd be the livin' end
Well you may not have an asylum
But you sure got 9.00 to 5.00
You'd better go and find a doctor
See if you're alive


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