Mando Diao
Mando Diao
I aim the first one who'll dare to stand still

Oh Lord, your tension is making me ill

You've got no friends in your home, you'll got no family stone

You can't go... yeah yeah yeah

Everyone, in every town, on every boat, on every trip, the multi-talented strip

Will gather 'round you with coke and pain

The trees, ain't no doubt about

The seeds, I had no thought about

No, yeah yeah yeah


Don't know why I can't locate this feeling,that I would rather be with you

It makes no sense, you're crying out loud, that I may love you

This stress is wasting my emotions that I would rather be with you

Don't let them closer to this secret...that I may love you

Take 'em outa west, take 'em outa height, take 'em on a sweet ride

Those little angles are numbered nine

The colored TV once shined on desolation 15

They've got it!!Yeah, yeah yeah!

Bust 'em in the light, bust 'em in the light, BUST 'EM IN THE DAYLIGHT

They ain't worthy being named as thieves

One of the shorties said hi up to the abbot who died

The rebound... yeah yeah yeah


Now hear the bluebird whistle hymns like "I would rather heal your wounds"

now hear the dark gun punching out that I may love you

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    that I may love 一声叹息 我这样优秀高冷又不食人间烟火的人 怎么会爱上你这样的物种


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