Walk Up To Me

《Walk Up To Me》歌词:
Don't you come closer
It's different now we're on our way
If you think that I would let it die now
We'll never reach another day
And if you looked further
You'd know more than me
I only wanna stay out in the cold lot
And wonder through an endless street
When you walk up to me
Chasing the breeze
Sipping your tears flood through my dreams
It's easy to feel
But harder to see
And that's why it's real
And I exist to meet you
Carried of into the grave
Every time we fight about this into
We've burned a cross along the way
And do you realize It's time that I was on my way
All I ever wanted was to tell you
The things you've never let me say
When you walk up to me
The autumn leaves
Drop to the ground
Push past my cheek
You're too blind to see I felt it today
And know that it's real


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