On The Rocks

《On The Rocks》歌词:
January calls round to find me
Alone in this place where I've been living
My real home lives down the river
Where she's making circles with her tears

And February blows even colder
And I'll send my love downstream
In words and verses in plastic boxes
She's still unready to take them in
And they're bobbing underneath the bridges
Out to the ocean back
Back on the rocks

And the rain came down back in December
When you told me you were drifting
The waters rose while my door swung closed
On the circles that you lived in
We got so caught up in the swirls and eddies
You never saw where you were heading
Oh you were bobbing underneath the bridges
Out to the ocean and back
Back on the rocks

And spring is only round the corner
As I'm writing you this final letter
I'll drop it in the cool green water
At the bridge where we jumped in together
And I hope it will be carried to you
Cast upon the rocks beside you
And I hope the words serve to remind of
Someone you can leave behind you
Someone who's got a hole inside
Someone who'll be waiting here for you

To take me from this burning bridge
Before I end up back
Back on the rocks

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