Academy of St. Martin in the Fields圣马丁室内乐团

地区: United Kingdom 英国
风格: 室内乐 / 重奏 Chamber Music, 协奏曲 Concerto, 管弦乐 Orchestral, 交响乐 Symphonic Music, 西方古典 Western Classical Music, 交响曲 Symphony
圣马丁室内乐团由内维尔·马里纳爵士于1959年创立,是20世纪60年代巴洛克复兴潮流的先锋·乐团在创建初期仅为一小规模的弦乐团,1959年首次公开演奏。由于这是获得伦敦Sant Martin-in-the-Field教堂人士的支援才得以组成的,因此,可以说是圣马丁教堂的乐团” 。
这个乐团创立之初,只是11名弦乐演奏家和数字低音的小合奏团而已,由马利纳兼任指挥与首席演奏家。不久,他就专心致志于指挥任务。这个很快就引发世人注目的室内乐团,随时追加枪手,也涉足大编制的作品,显示非常积极的活跃姿态 。
1978年,马利纳终于辞去指挥,改由长久以来,一直担任首席演奏家的布朗女士接棒 。
如今,圣马丁室内乐团已成长为一个编制灵活的一流室内乐团,乐团演奏者均为万里挑一的人才,他们的音乐风格已得到全世界的认可 。
500多张唱片,让圣马丁室内乐团成为世界上录音数量最多的室内乐团.圣马丁室内乐团赢得了诸多国际著名音乐奖项,包括8项&爱迪生大奖''和一项&加拿大音乐奖''.圣马丁室内乐团还获得了英国女王授予的爵位勋章,是唯一一个获此殊荣的管弦乐团 。
圣马丁室内乐团担任过多部著名电影配乐的演奏,如《莫扎特传》《英国病人》等,后者还获得了奥斯卡最佳电影配乐奖 。
We are known for our polished and refined sound, with performances rooted in outstanding musicianship. And whilst our focus is the Classical era, we are never afraid to perform something completely new. Our founder is Sir Neville Marriner, whose vision and inspiration keep the Academy sound and spirit alive. Today we are led artistically by our Music Director virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell, and the membership of the orchestra who create an annual programme of inspirational and inventive performances. Each year we also work with some of the world’s most talented soloists and directors. We re-invent ourselves from a large chamber orchestra to a small chamber group, so that we can perform the music at its very best.
We are not reliant on any one venue but travel the world, playing a huge variety of venues from church halls to the grandest concert halls in Europe. Our commitment to international touring means our music is equally loved in New York and Nuremberg. Whilst our heritage and roots are in the church of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, our mission is to bring our unique interpretation of classical music to all parts of London, all parts of Britain, indeed all parts of the World.
We also have a responsibility to the future. So we spend time with young musicians, in schools, in music colleges and with people who are less privileged because we truly believe our music can make a difference to their lives. We enjoy our work and want to enthuse our audiences, re-pay our supporters and partner our sponsors.
The brilliant sound of Academy of St Martin in the Fields. Come and hear us soon.
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