Tommie Sunshine

地区: United States of America 美国
风格: 浩室舞曲 House, 电子舞曲 EDM / Electronic Dance Music, 前卫浩室 Progressive House
by David Jeffries
 With Kraftwerk, AC/DC, and Farley Jackmaster Funk as influences and a history that includes raves, parties thrown by Björk, and electroclash festivals, it shouldn't be a surprise that producer/songwriter/DJ Tommie Sunshine landed a deal in 2005 with DJ Hell's genre-mashing label International DeeJay Gigolos. After becoming a successful DJ in the Atlanta area, Sunshine headed to Chicago and established the popular ElectroSweat and Degeneration club nights. After landing a spot in Urb magazine's &Next 100,& he began collaborating with Felix da Housecat, co-writing the massive club hit &Silver Screen-Shower Scene.& A move to New York City introduced him to DJ Hell and the world of fashion with Versace, Chanel, and others hiring Sunshine for DJ gigs. After remixing everyone from Kelis and Pink to Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Killers, Sunshine struck out on his own, previewing his Gigolos full-length with the release of the &Head 2 Toe in Drag& single in 2006.
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