Big WillBig Will The Party King / William Murphy

地区: United States of America 美国
Full Name: William Murphy
Stage Name: Big Will
Alias: The Party King
Birthdate: October 21
Birthplace: Hampton, VA
Location: Newport News, VA
Style: Hip-Hop/Rap/Dance
Companies: The BIG Group
Rapper/Actor: Unsigned
William &big will& murphy is a hip hop artist, actor, and host born in hampton, va with a commercial style like no other. He goes by the nickname &the party king& .Big will is the ultimate mc to host any party or concert. He has opened up for major artists. Big will created his own entertainment brand “the big group” in 2012 that consists of event planning, promotion, marketing, music, & hosting. Big will has a performance like no other through his style, personality, and character the fans love to see him perform & host.
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