Epic Irae

地区: Sweden 瑞典
Epic Irae was formed in Timrå, Sweden during the early autumn of 1988 by schoolmates Patrick Backlund (bass) and Thomas Svedlund (guitars). Thomas' younger brother Mikael was brought in as drummer and Göran Jacobson was asked to sing. To complete the lineup another guitarist, Stefan Åberg, was called in, but he only lasted a couple of months before being replaced for a brief period by Peter Selin. In May of 1989 the band was down to a quartet.
Wanting to play heavy music but having little previous experience in playing any instruments, Epic Irae found inspiration from bands like Candlemass, Manilla Road, Cloven Hoof, Bathory, Fates Warning and Celtic Frost and played whatever they thought sounded good, cool or odd not giving much thought about whether they fit in any framework. So for better or worse they were "scattered" and all over the place musically. The major motivation of the band was always to be creative, to write, arrange and rehearse songs, and never to spread the music or be part of a scene. Nonetheless, the band recorded three album length demo tapes and played a few local gigs. In 1993 the band changed its name to Quicksand Dream and appeared on the Metal North sampler. The final rehearsal took place on the 6th of March in 1993.
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    Dreams And Delusions 1989-1993




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