石川忠Chu Ishikawa

地区: Japan 日本
Chu Ishikawa picked up his first synthesizer at the age of 15, and entered the music scene with his first band at the age of 18. The alternative metal percussion unit, Zeitlich Vergelter, received a warm welcome from the indie scene, alongside bands such as the Ruins and the Boredoms.
After their break up, Chu continued as a solo percussion artist, and wrote his first soundtrack in 1988 for the cult classicTetsuo, (directed by Shinya Tsukamoto.) His work was hailed worldwide for its Armageddon-esque feel. He was of course selected to work on the sequel, Tetsuo II/Body Hammer, where Chu pursued the expressions of metal acoustics with his self made instruments. (The soundtracks are compiled in the CD TETSUO/Music by Chu Ishikawa, released October 1992.) For Tsukamoto's new film, Tokyo Fist, he was asked to compose without his precious metals, but nonetheless came through with a brilliant soundtrack.
Chu's creative energy is funneled into his newest band, Der Eisenrost, a thrash/industrial metal percussion quartet. Much is in store, as he is currently involved in numerous musical ventures, writing for films, plays, games, and even fashion shows.
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