地区: United Kingdom 英国
风格: 流行摇滚 Pop Rock, 独立摇滚 Indie Rock, 英伦摇滚 Britpop, 另类摇滚 Alternative Rock
中 文 名 立体声音响乐队
外 文 名 Stereophonics
地    区 英国
成立时间 1992
风    格 Alternative rock,Post-Britpop
Stereophonics成立于1992年,是一支来自英国威尔士的摇滚乐队。主要成员是Kelly Jones,Richard Jones以及Javier Weyler。自从他们首张专辑在英国专辑榜上排名第6,之后的连续5张专辑都有排名第1的好成绩。2005 年3月14日发行的全新专辑Language.Sex.Violence.Other又已拥有英国当地销售突破两百万张的辉煌成绩,再现英伦摇滚霸主风范。
曾被赞誉“英伦摇滚超级救世主乐团”、“英伦国民摇滚乐团”、1998年全英音乐奖项“年度最佳新人”专辑销售远超越10白金的纪录,甚至还被称为Manic Street Preaches接班人的Stereophonics,虽然拥有了这些佳评如潮的优异表现,仍然秉持着自我风格,藉由多广的角度去尝试着摇滚研发的可能性。连创下《Word Gets Around》(1997)、《Performance And Cocktails》(1999)、《Just Enough Education To Perform》(2001)及《You Gotta Go There To Come Back》等四张张畅销专辑,扛着一身压力及期待的眼光,他们不断的以最直接的方式,让乐迷们去听到、去感受到最不加修饰、最真诚的Stereophonics内心感触,后期改为更内敛的沉稳音调,并不是创作视野变小了,也不是一昧的追随现今流行的音乐素材跟风,而是更为细腻且深富情感的刻划出你我周遭都可能发生的点滴故事,那些成名后带来的浮华虚荣,并没有让Stereophonics迷失方向,反而回归到摇滚的最初衷,将那感动由音符与声调,轻易挑起听者的情绪反应。
2013发行录音室专辑《Graffiti on the Train》。
2015年发行录音室专辑《Keep the Village Alive》。
Stereophonics are a Welsh rock band that formed in 1992 in the village of Cwmaman in Cynon Valley. The band consists of Kelly Jones (lead vocals and guitar), Richard Jones (bass guitar and backing vocals), Adam Zindani (guitar and backing vocals), Jamie Morrison (drums) and touring member Tony Kirkham (keyboards). The group previously included Stuart Cable (1992–2003) and Javier Weyler (2004–2012) on drums. Stereophonics have released nine studio albums, including six UK number one albums, their latest album being the Keep the Village Alive (2015). A successful compilation album, Decade in the Sun, was released in November 2008 and charted at number two in the United Kingdom.
Described as "classic UK rock delivered with whiskey vocals," the band have been summarised as possessing a sound akin to the genres of alternative rock and "British traditional rock".Stereophonics' debut album, Word Gets Around, was released in August 1997 and charted at number six in the UK, aided by the singles "Local Boy in the Photograph", "More Life in a Tramps Vest" and "A Thousand Trees". The band reached mainstream success with the release of Performance and Cocktails (and its promotional singles "The Bartender and the Thief", "Just Looking" and "Pick a Part That's New") in 1999 and have achieved a total of ten top-ten singles as well as one number one: "Dakota" (2005). Having sold around 10 million copies worldwide, Stereophonics are one of the most successful Welsh rock acts. Upon their release of Pull the Pin, they became the eighth group to achieve five consecutive UK number one albums (after the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ABBA, Genesis, Oasis, Blur and U2).
The band have also been praised for their live performances, which have landed them headlining slots at many of the UK and Ireland's most high-profile music festivals, including Reading and Leeds in 2000, Glastonbury in 2002, V festival in 2002, the Isle of Wight in 2004 and 2009, and Oxegen in 2010. The band is part of the Cardiff music scene.
In late September 2014, it was announced via their Twitter page that a new album has been mixed and that it should be released in 2015.On 21 March 2015, Stereophonics performed in Bristol and in London's Royal Albert Hall and debuted 3 new songs "C'est La Vie", "I Wanna Get Lost With You" and "Song For the Summer" which are to be on their 9th album Keep the Village Alive with the release date of 11 September. "C'est la Vie" was released as the first single of the album. In September 2015 the band appeared on BBC Two's Later... with Jools Holland.
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  • 试听

    Scream Above The Sounds



  • 试听

    Keep the Village Alive



  • 试听

    I Wanna Get Lost with You



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    C'est La Vie



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    Graffiti on the Train



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    Indian Summer



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    Keep Calm and Carry On




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