Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows永恒沉睡 / Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows

地区: Germany 德国
风格: 暗潮 Dark Wave, 新民谣 Neofolk, 新古典暗潮 Neoclassical Dark Wave
永恒沉睡(Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows),常简称作Sopor Aeternus、Sopor或SA,是德国的一支暗潮与哥特风格的乐队。乐队的固定成员仅有Anna-Varney Cantodea一人。Sopor Æternus为拉丁语,意为永恒沉睡或死亡。成立于1989年。
永恒沉睡起源于Anna-Varney与Holger相逢于德国的一个哥特俱乐部。最初两人没有钱购买乐器,只能在头脑中创作,尽管如此,他们还是创作了相当多的作品,并在1992年发行了样品唱片。后来Holger离开了乐队。而后厂牌Apocalyptic Visions为永恒沉睡发行了首张录音室唱片。Sopor Aeternus的的作品里面使用大量的铜管,木管乐器,尤其是笛子等带有强烈宗教色彩的配乐,以及各种吉他,合成器之类,内容多涉及死亡,自杀,悲苦,绝望,孤独,变性等题材。
Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows (Latin: sopor æternus &eternal sleep&; often referred to or stylized as Sopor Aeternus or Sopor) is a darkwave musical project based in Frankfurt, founded in 1989 by Anna-Varney Cantodea. Since the project's beginnings, Anna-Varney's work has garnered a cult following, notorious for its extremely personalized, melancholic and pessimistic nature, drawing on a number of different musical and visual styles.
Born male, Cantodea prefers to be defined as a woman. She has never undergone surgery to change sex and does not intend to. Cantodea's pseudonym is derived from several sources. Firstly, the common name Anna, and secondly the Latin word cantodea, a composed neologism meaning &I sing, goddess&. (As a side note, the Latin term for &female singer& is cantor deæ.) She had been using the stage name &Varney& prior to 1997, that name taken from the Victorian Gothic horror story Varney, the Vampire; or the Feast of Blood.
Reportedly, Cantodea suffered beatings at the hands of her parents, and by peers in school. At the age of six, she had an out-of-body experience while sedated during a tonsillectomy.
Cantodea maintains a series of attention seeking behaviors to portray a persona that is voluntarily isolated, and too complicated to understand. She has stated that she does not perform live &in front of humans.& Despite this, she currently seems to be acquainted with the pagan and occult author Raven Digitalis, who is one of the &managers& of the Official Sopor Aeternus MySpace profile. She has an affinity for the author Edgar Allan Poe, adapting his poems to music on several occasions; she is also a supporter of several activist movements, including animal rights, pro-euthanasia, LGBT rights, vegan and vegetarian efforts. Cantodea is a very spiritual person, with devotion placed on the Roman deity Saturn. She combined Saturn's astrological symbol with that of Jupiter's to create the symbol of Jusa, an icon that reflects her spirituality and has become an insignia for herself and her music.
by Murrday Fisher
1989 marks the founding of that deepest of dark bands, Sopor Aeternus (Eternal Sleep, or Sleep of Death). It began when the two musicians known as Varney and Holger met in a Frankfurt, Germany goth club. With no money to buy instruments, they had to compose their music completely in their heads. Nevertheless, they released a triad of lyrically intense yet technically flawed demo cassettes (Es Reiten Die Toten so Schnell, Rufus, and 'Till Time and Times Are Done) in 1992. After that, Holger left the band and the newly formed label Apocalyptic Visions developed an interest in Varney's music. In 1994, a debut CD with the extensive title Ich Tote Mich Jedesmal Aufs Neue, Doch Bin Ich Unsterblich Und Erstehe Wieder Auf In Einer Vision des Untergangs, or Ich Tote Mich... for short, was released as a limited edition. Songs like &Tanz der Grausamkeit& and &Do You Know My Name& were quickly discovered and became underground cult hits, taking the album into two re-releases.
Continuing as the sole human performer in Sopor Aeternus, Varney also credits the Ensemble of Shadows for her inspirations. These are spirits, beings who she says she receives the musical compositions from. She also works through depression with the aid of her music, as can be heard on the demos, produced at a time when she was gravely ill and at risk of losing her eyesight. She describes her subsequent works as &introverted exhibitionism.& They are also expressions of extreme, intense pain.
Varney's second album, Todeswunsch ­ Sous le Soleil de Saturne (&Deathwish ­ Under the Sun of Saturn&) a 1995 release, was a curious combination. While musically it seems perhaps a bit gentler and less depressive, its lyrics were so painfully evocative that she said she found herself weeping while recording some of the songs. The theme? &Suicide, sweet suicide.&
The Ensemble of Shadows dissuaded Varney from committing suicide, and in 1997, as she dealt with issues of her transexuality, she expanded her name to Anna-Varney. She has expressed in interviews the feeling that her album Inexperienced Spiral Traveller, from 1997, is her &worst& release, despite its sales success. Voyager ­ the Jugglers of Jusa followed in 1998. The song &Feralia Genitalia ­ Arrival of the Jugglers& shows a gender operation theme. Yet perhaps the most unusual song is a cover version of Kraftwerk's &Das Modell& which she translates into Latin and plays on a baroque harpsichord.
1999 brought the release of Dead Lover's Sarabande (Face One). It is steeped in the pain of inevitable loss and death. Dedicated &to 1334,& it commemorates the suicide of former Christian Death member Rozz Williams on April 1, 1998. Anna-Varney and he had developed a friendship through letter writing and had thought about a collaboration, which sadly, was never to be. As is characteristic of her deliberately mysterious approach, she steadfastly declines to explain the lyrics of this slow, grieving, dark production. Then, in March 2000, came the companion volume, Dead Lover's Sarabande (Face Two), with more of Anna-Varney's catacomb deep, stygian intensity.
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