Psychotik TanksPsychotic Tanks

地区: United Kingdom 英国
风格: 后朋克 Post-Punk, 实验摇滚 Experimental Rock
by Andy Kellman
Psychotic Tanks were a short-lived post-punk band whose lone release was Security Idiots, a Conny Plank-produced single issued in 1980 on the equally obscure Idiot label. The band counted Bjorn, Roberty Crash, Schengel, and Schruuv as its members. The B-side of the single, "Let's Have a Party," was included on 4AD's Presage(s) compilation, which was released later in 1980. The song was reprised on Natures Mortes, a Japan-only compilation from 1981 that was reissued on CD in 1997. Sound-wise, they resembled other labelmates such as Bauhaus and the Birthday Party. Fitting with most of the other 4AD acts of the early '80s, little is known of the members' involvements that followed, if any.
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    Security Idiots




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