2014年成立于台北,利落的三人配置,却同时揉合Vocal.合成器.贝斯.吉他和鼓机,前期的孔雀眼承袭了新浪潮不同于后庞克且更为琅琅上口的编曲风格和迷幻浩室的精神 ; 经过两年创作磨合,孔雀眼甩掉一袭复古音色,编曲风格更愈发接近缓拍电子音乐流派 - 神游舞曲(Trip Hop),配合空灵的女声,给人一种迷离、迷幻的体验,但却仍保有鲜明的鼓点和电子音乐编曲,而两者最终都消融其中。




Founded in 2014 in Taipei, neat trio configuration, but at the same time embracing the Vocal. Synthesizer. Bass guitar and drum machine, pre peacock eye is different from the post-punk and new wave inherited a more catchy arranger style and spirit of acid house; two years after the creation of the run, to get rid of eye peacock dressed in retro sounds, arranger, style increasingly closer and more electronic music genres downtempo - Trip Hop (Trip Hop), in which the female voice with ablation, to people a blurred, psychedelic experience, but still retains a distinctive hip-hop drums and electronic music arranger, both of which eventually melt.

Jade Eyes to the bass line for the spindle, such as occasional guitar-like fall, coupled with a simple and highly repeatable Vocal, in its own way tries to outline different from the past musical.

And selected to show the entire field Non-Stop uninterrupted manner, in order to tell some styles coherent story.

With a sign of weakness and bohemian reflect, as the peacock's eyes always looked at change if it appears that the world reflected in the eyes, but with a brilliant way to tell it again. 

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