Mando Diao的艺人档案

摇滚复古风越刮越烈的今天,涌现出很多好玩的乐队。来自瑞典的Mando Diao就是一支听起来和看起来都很好玩的乐队。初看乐队五位成员,居然个个都打扮得有模有样,原来对于Mando Diao来说,音乐有趣固然重要,自己有型也很重要。
听过他们的音乐,你会发现其中车库摇滚的内核、英式摇滚轻松的编曲、激进而亢奋的旋律、双主唱的强大表现力,使得Mando Diao绝对是一支让人听过之后手舞足蹈的乐队。更重要的是,在他们的音乐中,你时常能惊喜地发现一些你熟悉的小细节,让你想起The Hives,The Strokes,The Libertines,还有Kings Of Leon等等。
追溯乐队成立的初衷,也摆脱不了玩票的开场。在瑞典的老城伯朗奇(Borlange),一个叫做Bjorn Dixgard的15岁的孩子迷上了trip-hop“三巨头”之一的Portishead,开始招募乐队,第一个加盟的孩子叫做Gustaf Noren。为了模仿Portishead的双贝斯阵容,Bjorn希望Gustaf担任乐队的贝斯,可是Gustaf却坚持自己要弹吉它,还要参与歌曲的演唱和创作。在开创post-punk这一流派的黑暗大师Joy Division乐队的影响下,Bjorn和伙伴们发现朋克远比Trip-hop更好玩,于是他们改变了乐队的风格。
正式汇集了5位成员以后,Mando Diao乐队开始家里的地下室里建录音间,录制小样,同时不知疲倦地赶赴各种演出场合——他们在小俱乐部里表演,在加油站前的空地上表演,甚至混进公司的聚会上表演。终于在2002年,乐队被 EMI唱片公司慧眼相中,招至旗下。不知道说这支乐队不拘小节,还是随意过头,Mando Diao将过去在地下室录制的小样作为他们的第一张专辑正式发行,并且奇迹般地一炮而红,开始世界巡演。
by Heather Phares
Mixing garage rock sneer and Britpop sass -- along with a truckload of other influences -- Borlange, Sweden's Mando Diao formed when its members were all still in their teens. The band's germination dates back to 1995, when singer/songwriter/keyboardist Daniel Häglund and singer/songwriter/guitarist Björn Dixgärd were in a band called Butler. Even after that group broke up, the pair continued playing and writing together, eventually bringing bassist Fredrik Nilsson, guitarist Gustaf Noren, and drummer Anton Grahnstrom into their fold; Nilsson and Grahnstrom were replaced by Carl Johan Fogelklou and Samuel Giers. By 1999, they were known as Mando Diao, having taken their name from one of Dixgärd's dreams.
The group continued to hone their sound, blending pop, mod, soul, R&B, and Britpop elements into a style that was quirky yet timeless. In 2002 they released their first EP, Motown Blood, through the Majesty and Capitol imprints; the acclaim for the EP and the similarities in their sound to the Strokes and the Hives raised Mando Diao's profile considerably, and the band went on tours of Sweden with the Hellacopters and Kent. Later that year the band released the singles Mr. Moon and The Band to stoke anticipation for their full-length debut album, Bring 'Em In, which was largely recorded in their basement practice space. The following year, Mute Records released Bring 'Em In in the United States. The sophomore effort Hurricane Bar was released in the band's native Sweden in 2004; a stateside release followed in 2005, and Ode to Ochrasy was issued the next year. While touring in support of the album, Mando Diao found time to record their fourth studio effort, Never Seen the Light of Day. The album was released internationally in late 2007, coinciding a solo tour by Björn Dixgärd.

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