Joy Williams的艺人档案


Joy Elizabeth Williams-Yetton

    Joy Williams


出生日期 1982.11.14


Joy Williams是一名美国歌手,主要作品有《Joy Williams》、《By Surprise》等。

Joy Williams 出生在一个虔诚的基督教家庭。Joy的父母都在政府部门全职工作,她的父亲是当地一个基督教协会的执行董事。Joy后来进入了加州圣何塞(San Jose)的山谷基督教中学(Valley Christian High School),并且在毕业时成为了代表大家作毕业致辞的人。

在拒绝了起初的几个offer后,Joy17岁时与一家Reunion Records唱片公司(一家基督教音乐公司)签了唱片合约。从18岁开始,她先后发行了三张福音专辑:《Joy Williams (2001), By Surprise(2002), and Genesis》(2005),销量超过250,000张。由于她在基督教音乐上的成就,Joy已经获得过11次基督摇滚音乐和平鸽奖(GMA Dove Award)的提名,包括年度最佳女歌手提名和年度最佳歌曲。2005年,她的歌曲 Hide》被评为美国作曲家、作家与出版商学会(ASCAP)音乐奖的年度最佳歌曲。

200810月,Joy和丈夫建立了一家集唱片录制、销售、管理和许可于一体的公司Sensibility Music2009年春天,Joy发行了一部四首歌曲的唱片《One of Those Days》,其中的歌曲《Charmed Life》出现在了热剧《实习医生格蕾》的当季结尾中,而在《美女错上身》中则出现了歌曲《One of Those Days》。当年5月,她又发行了另一张名为《Charmed Life》的的唱片。

2009Joy还发布了一对双子专辑:《Songs From This》和《Songs From That》。前者中的歌曲《Sunny Day》被精选在连续剧《90210》中,而后者中的歌曲《Speaking A Dead Language》被精选在《实习医生格蕾》中。《Sunny Day》也在一个荷兰的商业广告中出现,这使得Joy在荷兰也相当出名。

2010年,Joy发行了唱片《We Mapped the World》。

20092月,Joy WilliamsJohn Paul White组建了乐队The Civil Wars,之后他们发行了专辑《Barton Hollow》。2012年,这个双人组合获得了格莱美年度最佳组合奖(Best Country Duo/Group Performance)和最佳民谣专辑奖(Best Folk Album)。

2014年发行原声带《Hush (Theme From Turn)》。

20153月发行单曲《Woman (Oh Mama)》。


她出演的电影《乐队管家》在2016626日首播。新专辑《Venus (Acoustic)》在722日发行。

Life and career

Joy Elizabeth Williams (born November 14, 1982) is an American singer-songwriter. The winner of four Grammy awards, Williams has released four solo albums and four EPs since the release of her self-titled debut in 2001. She performed with John Paul White as The Civil Wars from 2009 until 2014.

Williams achieved significant success between 2001 and 2005. She was nominated for 11 Dove Awards, and the three records she released on Reunion cumulatively sold more than 250,000 albums. In 2005 she left the label, noting that her perspective had changed considerably since she had started recording for Reunion at 17. My worldview shifted like tectonic plates from 17 to mid-twenties, and over time, I just started to feel less and less comfortable with the type of music I was making. I wanted to write things that moved me and not feel like I had any parameters telling me what to do or not to do," she said in a 2014 interview.

After leaving Reunion, Williams spent time in Europe, and worked briefly at ‘Paste Magazine’ and at a Nashville boutique. She resumed her career in music in 2006 after she signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell music, and in 2008 she and her husband/manager Nate Yetton founded Sensibility Music, intending it to serve as an outlet for Williams to release solo material. That same year she began to seek licensing opportunities for her music in film, television, and commercials. Oscar Mayer selected her song It Doesnt Get Better Than This for a 2008 marketing campaign. Williams subsequently released three EPs through Sensibility Music. Her catalog includes the songs Charmed Life, Speaking A Dead Language and Sunny Day, which were featured on the TV show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

In 2008, Williams attended a writing camp in Nashville, where she met John Paul White. They formed the folk rock duo The Civil Wars in 2009, and released their breakthrough album, ‘Barton Hollow,’ independently through Sensibility in 2011. The album was widely praised by critics,and went on to sell more than 650,000 copies in the US. White and Williams won four Grammy Awards as The Civil Wars.

The duo announced an indefinite hiatus in November 2012, prior to the release of their 2013 self-titled album.White and Williams announced on their website in August 2014 that they had dissolved the band.In March 2015, she stated in an interview that she last spoke with White after their Roundhouse show at London in November 2012.

Late in 2013, Williams collaborated with Chris Cornell on the song "Misery Chain" for the ‘12 Years A Slave’ soundtrack. They performed the song together on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ at the end of the year. She also collaborated with Matt Berninger from the National on "Hush", the theme song for ‘TURN’, which airs on ‘AMC’.

Williams announced that she had begun work on a new solo album in April 2014.

Williams and Hayley Williams of the rock band, Paramore, collaborated on a new version of Paramore's "Hate to See Your Heart Break." The track was included on a deluxe version of the band's self-titled album and was released in November 2014.

Williams released the debut single, "Woman (Oh Mama)", off her upcoming album Venus on her website in late March 2015.Studio album ‘Venus’ was released on June 2015.

She appeared in the film ‘Roadies’ which screened on June 26,2016.

New album ‘Venus (Acoustic)’ was released on July 22,2016.

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