Young Hearts

《Young Hearts》歌词:
Say all you want
girl you are an angel
much better then you know, girl, you see, you're all that I want
you had me at hello
girl I almost fainted
too much for my young heart and soul to bare to feel

I want to get away
please say that you want to
the places we could go are all posh & green' I'll pay for the gas,
we'll head for the hills
and it could be amazing, ooh how I can taste it the only thing I'm
gauging is how you feel

ohh is there something that you need to have? if it's indispensable,
something I can get arrested for, you got it, shorty say the word,
hell & bloody murder, ain't no mountain high & hurdles are
unheard of your worth it
so teach me how to be all that you want

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