artist:fatty koo
songs title:lust
when i look into your eyes
something about the way you look at me, keeps me wonderin
could this be my destiny, maybe take a chance
at love again, claim you as my man, and spend eternity
wit you as my king, sharing every dream, with love
and everything, hold onto me, don't ever leave me
no, keep me in your arms, don't let go
they say, when you find love, then hold and treasure it
don't let it slip away, could this be love,
cause it feels right but i'm afraid it might, just be lust
could this be lust or love that i feel for ya
cuz if it's not love tell you now what's up, i don't wanna
lead you on but it's too late, my intentions were to love you let's conversate
on the real i feel lust
got the best of me, and i ain't mean to break ya heart
girl, seriously, i'm not sure if this love but
i'll stop frontin, it was a one night stand now we feelin suttin
and if love take ova it'll be alright,
it'll open up our eyes and give us insight
i wasn't plannin to raise no family wit chu, but understand
this is real i just met chu, plus we just left the club and you tipsy
you wanna come to my hotel and freak
me, when you look into my eyes tell me what chu see
you see a playa from the love and you want me
there's a old sayin, if you can't get the one you love
love the one you're with, but i'm not positive
that this will be one hundred percent.
i thought that you loved me, you made my heart believe.
i believed it, too, but you expect more than i can do.
but what about the plans we made, why you gotta be this way??
i'm not sayin i'm not in love wit chu, but i'm not ready to commit so soon.
but it wasn't too soon, to take what you need.
don't drown in fantasies, check reality, i gotta be a man for me.


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