In the End It's Easy

《In the End It's Easy》歌词:
In the End It's Easy -- Belarus

Digging holes in the snow
Playing birds in the trees
【Picking hopes in the efforts 】不确定
The street has no name
It's teaching me how to sing
I'm roller-skating in platinums
I watch as the messes so gathered
Make sounds in the end could change visions
ashamed isn’t enough to touch heaven
I want you to understand

what a gaze in the sun
A brother's joking of the dark
things the time has forgotten
I stood and shocked with the breast
we never miss in the face
you’ve given me a legend
No words could relate to this better
say when I would run a lot quicker
your skin isn’t meant to be thicker
be thankful for what you are

Move-outs now is getting much bigger
stand down and take it as it comes never
This says the all of the above matters
I'm starting to understand
I want you to understand

I've finished this in the dark
taking words I could see
and putting them together
I'm sure I'll see you again
A moment silence and free
To let the memories gather
This sound is gonna get thinner

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    想要的都拥有 得不到的都释怀
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